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Novosoft Cubic WMS
Warehouse Management System

Designed for effective and efficient management of all your warehouse operations.

Improve Your Warehouse Operation

Novosoft Cubic is an online, web based WMS. It improves accuracy of receiving, put away, picking and shipping processes. Cubic enables rules based operation of the warehouse. 

All transactions in the warehouse are performed according to tasks produced by Cubic WMS. Put away and picking tasks are all produced according to the rules determined by management. Every barcode scanned, every user input is stored with time stamps for excellent traceability. 

Cubic Robotic Automation module enables warehouses great speed improvements via ASRS* applications.

Cubic WMS is a tried and tested product with thousands of users in the field working around the clock in market leader companies.

*Automated Storage & Retrieval System

cubic wms, warehouse management system, forklift terminal, barcode system

Novosoft Cubic WMS lets you control every cubic meter of your warehouse.

Visibility & Traceability

Receiving, palletizing, putaway, picking, packaging, loading, shipping operations are all planned and executed.  All steps planned and executed are logged with user information and time stamps for excellent visibility.

Eliminate Employee Dependency

Warehouse employees do not have to keep track of where everything is stored. Special zones, product rezerved locations, once defined by the manager, are all filled automatically by Cubic WMS. The warehouse supervisor can take a leave of absence with peace of mind.

Accuracy in Transactions & Inventory

All transactions are performed via scanning product, outer box and pallet barcodes. Inventory on Cubic WMS reflects the physical inventory. Shipments are error free. 

Increase in Transaction Speed

No more looking for products in the aisles with a paper in hand.

Cubic WMS  keeps track of the exact location of each pallet or box to pick from.

FIFO and FEFO Inventory Tracking

During receiving or palletizing, ship before dates or production dates are stored with each pallet. Cubic WMS ships products according to their dates; not allowing products to expire needlessly.

Serial Number & Batch Number Tracking

Lot numbers or individual product serial numbers can be tracked during shipment.

Label Design & Management

All kinds of barcodes necessary for your operation (address, product, pallet, package etc) can be designed and printed right in Cubic WMS.

cubic wms, warehouse mananagement system, forklift terminal, barcode system
cubic wms, warehouse mananagement system, forklift terminal, barcode system

Shipments are fast and accurate. Cubic knows which pallet needs to go to which loading dock.

Cubic Faydalar

*Integration : Cubic WMS will work seamlessly with your IT infrastructure. It will integrate with your business solutions, ERP, MES etc (see Independent Solutions).

Novosoft Cubic WMS has three main components:

  • RF terminal/Mobile Computer application; works on industrial mobile computers and forklift RF terminals with barcode scanners. The OS may be Windows, CE or Android based.

  • Management web application; accessed through a web browser, a very responsive web app thanks to AJAX technology.

  • Service Software; a Windows service that automatically handles all printing, third party software integrations*, robotic equipment PLC communications without any user supervision.

Cubic Bileşenler
Novosoft Cubic RDM - Robotic Automation Module

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are preferred by warehouses requiring high throughput and high volume efficiency. 

Novosoft and Olbricht, an ALTINAY Technology Group company, have decided to cooperate in 2019. Today Novosoft Cubic RDM software and Olbricht ASRS equipment are perfectly compatible. 

Cubic Robotik
Novosoft Cubic WMS Technology

Web based applications require no client installation and are easy to access from anywhere.

Microsoft ASP.Net based platform developed by Novosoft uses AJAX to improve user experience and application responsiveness.

Industrial mobile computer user interface of Cubic WMS can run on Windows, Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Android based devices. The text based user interface provides clear user instructions and  is very easy to learn for warehouse employees.

Microsoft .net, Windows Server System, AJAX
Cubic Altyapı
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