About Novosoft


Novosoft's mission is to produce high quality AI/DC* technology software that increase company efficiency.

*AI/DC: Automatic identification and data capture 

Company Culture

Our greatest strength is our team. Knowhow, teamwork and most importantly loyalty to our customers is what sets us apart from our competition.

Customer Commitment

Our commitment begins with our first project. We will do our best so that our customer gets the necessary support. We deliver the work expected and work as a partner. 

Trust and Respect

We respect each other and our customers.  The trust we get for our contribution to our customers' success is priceless.


We are proud of our knowhow and customer loyalty. While trying to improve ourselves, we keep our modesty. We regard solving the problems our customers face as an opportunity for us to grow. We know the importance of information sharing and listening to other people's opinions.

Efficiency by Innovation

Our rigorous engineering does not cost a fortune. Our accurate running, flexible, easy-to-use product platform guarantees a reasonable total cost of ownership. 


Novosoft has been a solution provider partner for Logo Yazılım for over 10 years. All Novosoft products provide two way integration with Logo ERP.

Novosoft is a member of Microsoft Partner Network.



Novosoft Yazılım, Türkiye'de Otomatik Veri Toplama (OVT) sektöründe zamanının en büyük firması Nexus Bilişim AŞ'nin ardından, yazılım grubu çalışanları tarafından 2009 başında GOSB Teknopark'ta kuruldu.

Novosoft, çalışanlarının Nexus'u oluşturan Porcan AŞ (1986) ve Barkod AŞ (1988) bünyesinde yüzlerce projedeki 20 yılı aşkın tecrübelerini değerlendirerek, verimlilik arttırıcı çözümlerini daha da ileri götürmeyi amaçlıyor.​

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