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A101 Yeni Mağazacılık
Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı

Discount retail chain A101, with 8000 stores, is the number one in Turkey in this respect. It operates 45 warehouses all around the country using Cubic WMS with over 1800 users. Its eCommerce depot utilizes Cubic WMS to pick, package and ship thousands of orders every day.

Brisa İzmit tyre factory warehouse has been using Cubic WMS since 1999. In 2015 this has been migrated to the latest Cubic Web 3.6 version. The new Aksaray factory warehouse has started using Cubic WMS in 2018.


The ancestor of Cubic WMS, which used to run on mainframes, was born in 1992 in a huge Unilever warehouse. Novosoft Cubic WMS is still running  Çorlu margarine factory warehouse.

Unilever's two ice cream factory warehouses namely, Çorlu and Aksaray, use Cubic WMS.

MNG Kargo

MNG Kargo uses Novosoft Cubic WMS both for their 3rd Party Logistics Warehouse and their own returns warehouse.


Technology retailer Teknosa uses Novosoft Storex retail software on rugged Zebra mobile computers for receiving, counting and labeling operations in all its stores throughout the country. Data is integrated to their Oracle Applications suite.

Eve Mağazacılık

Personal care retail chain Eve Shop manages its warehouses with Novosoft Cubic WMS.

Şimşek Bisküvi

Şimşek Bisküvi is a biscuits and chocolate manufacturer among the first 500 companies in Turkey by size with more than 2500 workers. The factory warehouse in Karaman, from which exports to 125 countries are made, is managed using Cubic WMS.


One of the leading banks of Turkey, Akbank has been using a web based physical document archive warehouse management system custom designed by Novosoft for over 10 years.

Amcor Flexibles İstanbul

AMCOR Flexibles İstanbul manufactures high quality packaging for various products. For over ten years Novosoft has been providing it with Factory Shop Floor automation software.

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