Whether it is consumer goods or automotive parts, all kinds of manufacturing can increase warehouse efficiency using Novosoft Cubic WMS.

Retail & eCommerce

Retail outlets will not go out of stock with timely shipments from warehouses managed using Novosoft Cubic WMS.  B2C eCommerce depots benefit from high speed picking, sorting and packaging processes, all with excellent traceability.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Distribution

FMCG distribution warehouses can be managed effectively via Novosoft Cubic WMS. Out in the field, Novosoft MSS SFA enables your sales force to engage with your customers whether you use hot sell on the spot invoicing or presell. 

Machine & Automotive Spare Parts


When you use Novosoft Cubic WMS you can easily track everything, even the smallest nuts & bolts in your warehouse.

All Industries

Both SMEs and huge enterprises in all industries benefit using Novosoft Asseta -Fixed Asset Tracking System. You can label and track any physical asset worth tracking, from projectors in conferebce rooms to laptops assigned to your employees.

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